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Vision and Goal

Vision and Goal


  • Pre-service teacher training support system demonstration at Korea National University of Education in accordance with the Ministry of Education’s pre-service teacher training policy
  • Spread of pre-service teacher training support system to Colleges of Education and Teacher's colleges nationwide
  • Locally tailored pre-service teacher training support system operation
  • Collection of pre-service teacher training support system operation results and database construction
  • Agenda proposal regarding training pre-service teachers for the Ministry of Education




Purpose of Establishment

  • To present a new paradigm of convergence education for future talents fostering
  • To train teachers with the ability of convergent talent cultivation
  • To provide a vision for teacher education of teacher’s colleges and colleges of education


Project Introduction

    The 2nd year plan of Convergence Education Research Institute
  • A. Development and Improvement of Convergence Education Program
    • Additional development of the topic selection activity program
      Plan to develop two subjects to further improve the topic selection activity program for various subjects that were not developed in the first year
    • Improvement after applying topic selection activity program to national middle schools
      The effect of the new convergence education program is analyzed by applying the topic selection activity program to the national middle schools. The results are used for research materials, introduced into the teacher training system to establish a system to improve education for teacher’s colleges and colleges of education
    • Improved evaluation of convergence education programs
      Attempts to measure reliable student achievement through improved evaluation and related research on convergence education programs through two or more commissioned research

  • B. Elaborate pre-service teacher training support system
    • Establishment of pre-service teacher and master teacher mentoring system
      In order to foster the pre-service teachers required in the future society, we provide practical supports in connection with the national Secondary School Master Teacher Association, which has expertise in school class. We also provide an opportunity to strengthen the capabilities of pre-service teachers through pre-service teacher and senior teacher mentoring system. For the last, we provide trainings to strengthen their teaching capacity by taking senior classroom instructions at the actual school site.
    • Analysis of advanced educational institution data and presentation of academic research
      Visit of the institutions related to convergence education in developed countries such as Sweden, Norway and Finland, present at world-class conferences in the United States, and collect related data to enhance the research capacity of the Convergence Education Research Institute. Attempts to promote international exchange by organizing international events Invitation of scholars, teachers, and students from overseas related organizations to establish international exchange

  • C. Establishment of nationwide teacher’s college class that runs the convergence education program
    Selected 10 teacher’s colleges across the country run the convergence education program developed by CERI and participate to Convergence Education Festival (competitive exhibition) in order for strengthening the educational capacity of pre-service teachers

  • D. Master teacher workshop for the improvement of education in teacher’s colleges and colleges of education
    fostering pre-service teachers who has educational capacity to make future students to grow into academic talents and talents necessary for the 4th Industrial Revolution Era through an analysis of the problems of teacher training system and proposal for the new directions of systematic improvement

  • E. Host Convergence Education Festival
    • International convergence education conference
      Various conferences will be held to exchange the ideas and information of countries such as Sweden, Hong Kong, Philippines, Mongolia, USA, China, UK, and so on and to do other diverse activities and presentations to improve education together
    • Performance presentation of master teacher―pre-service teacher mentoring
      The results of the mentoring of senior teachers and pre-service teachers will be presented as a base of activation of the field-based convergence education program. Data will be collected on student's capacity building and positive outcomes by applying it to actual teaching sites and the results will be presented. Mentoring will be carried out uniformly across the country in 17 cities and provinces to share nationwide achievements
    • Performance presentation of free-semester system education program
      Share of the achievements of the free semester education program implemented by 100 middle schools nationwide. In particular, the festival provides a venue for collecting and exchanging feedback, evaluation results, and student responses. To provide a venue for pre-service teachers to share educational achievements in the field and communication between in-service teachers and pre-service teachers
    • Presentation of achievement results of the colleges with the LINC projects
    • Presentation of the results of the teacher’s college class for pre-service teachers
      Sharing the results of the lectures opened at the national scale and the results of classroom demo teaching by pre-service teachers and colleagues' reactions regarding convergence education programs. To enhance pre-service teacher education to develop various related contents, to have the ability to develop various contents by oneself, and to seek out improvement for teacher’s colleges and schools of education.

  • F. Homepage and journal publishing
    Dissemination of best practices found through theories and models of convergence education, convergence education programs, convergence education courses, convergence education festivals and convergence education contests and program-run materials related to convergence education through an online homepage


  • Conducting field research along with the research of convergence education theory
  • Playing a main role of on-site support for educational policy of the Ministry of Education
  • Being responsible for the role of comprehensive support for country’s pre-service teacher education

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