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Program Introduction

Model Development



  • Developing core competencies in future society such as expansion of thinking, critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, and cooperation capabilities through discussion activities



  • Step 1 : Establishing your thoughts in a given situation and expressing it externally
  • Step 2 : Interacting with other friends to understand the commonalities and differences between me and others
  • Step 3 : Expanding and developing your thoughts


Program features

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Program development direction
A subject-based convergence program that teachers can easily use
Provide students with the opportunity to understand why they are learning by experiencing the awareness and inquiry method of curriculum.
Opportunity to experience a paradigm shift in the development of curriculum
☞ This is the creativity of the true meaning of humanity
Two-hour block time program
Experience of diverse thoughts through discussion and the establishment of perspectives for each subject study to look at the world
Understanding the connection between academic disciplines and career/occupation and providing opportunities for individuals to establish their own beliefs
< Topic Selection Activity Evaluation >
  • No paper-based summative assessment
  • Process-centered evaluation connected with teaching-learning activity
  • Formative assessmen to support student’s growth such as presentations, narratives, essays, self/peer evaluation, and portfolio evaluation
  • Characteristic assessment about attitudes towards school subjects, interests, values, and personality
  • The evaluation results of topic selection activities are stated in narrative form for school records
Student’s peer review and teacher’s student achievement portfolio assessment

< Peer Evaluation and its criteria >

  • Personal dimension : self-respect, self-reflection, self-regulation
  • Interpersonal dimension : consideration, empathy, communication
  • Relationships with society, nation and community : responsibility, justice, participation
  • Relationship with transcendental existence : beauty
Differences from Other Existing Programs

  • To establish a research system to collect program improvement ideasafter the application to school classrooms and have programs revised
  • Field-based development and improvement through the communications with schools


2016-2017.09.04 Second Semester Application Status


Program Contents

  • A total of 15 subjects, 17 programs
  • Composed of a total of 8 blocks in each subject and 16 units (2 classes/2 hours per block)
  • Home economics program translated into Indonesian language


Order Subject Title
1 Korean Language Connection between you and me: The world of language
2 English You and I, and WE
3 Math Magical math in different point of views / Enjoy math on your smartphone!
4 Social Studies Relationship, choice? Instinct?
5 Economics Secret hidden in choice
6 Geography Where do you live? where are you?
7 Physics Thought from up and down directions
8 Chemistry Find out what I am!
9 Biology Alive? or dead?
10 Earth science Imagine (invisible) you!
11 Technology Entrepreneurship world through technology
12 Home economics Sour and sweet, parti-colored, lovey-dovey
13 Information A world with computer
14 Ethics Same Bed, Different Dreams
15 Music Sound to the Music
16 Korean2 to Hangeul to the World
17 Englisch2 Diversity of English experience project


  • 국제융합교육발전학회
  • 씨드
  • 4D프레임
  • 하늘소리오카리나
  • 전국교사힐링상담센터
  • 깨봉수학
  • 청송교육문화진흥회
  • 한국인문사회연구소 협의회