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Year 2024
March 2024MOU with Suncheon National University Humanities Institute
March 2024MOU with the Middle East Institute of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
March 2024Held a contest to create elementary and secondary career education materials
March 20242023. Selected as the best project in the self-evaluation of the National University Education Project of Korea Teachers' University: Visiting Class Support Group
March 2024Published "Youth Career Guide 'Stories of People Who Made Their Favorite Things into Careers 3'" Published
February 2024Selected for the Korea Science and Creativity Foundation Digital Sprout Project
February 2024Published 『Development of Convergence Education Program for Eulbom School: Focusing on Humanities and Character Development』.
February 2024Teacher training for the new school year: Yangcheong High School, Boeun Middle School, Daesowon Middle School
February 2024MOU with the Institute of Tae Dong Classics, Hallim University
February 2024MOU with Chungnam National University's Institute of Science and Technology Knowledge
January 2024MOU with the Institute for Future Education at Ewha Womans University
January 2024MOU with Dankook University's Institute of Integrated Science Education
January 2024MOU with Regional Innovation Competency Education and Research Center

Year 2023
December 2023MOU with Kunkuk University's Knowledge Content Institute
November 2023Hosted 2023 International Conference on the Advancement STEAM (ICAS)
November 20232023. Operated training for senior teachers at the Primary Teaching Consulting Research Institute
October 2023MOU with Chonnam National University Institute of Educational Affairs
September 2023Published 『Convergence Education Research 9-2』
September 2023MOU with Jeju University Tamra Cultural Institute
September 2023 ~ February 2024Running an IB study group
September ~ December 2023Run a convergence education colloquium for graduate students
September ~ December 2023Established and courses for pre-service teachers
August 2023Run a blended learning colloquium for in-service teachers
July 20232023. Operate SW-AI-based science, math, and information convergence education job training
July 2023Host a traveling classroom support team
June 2023MOU with THREE DATA Co.
June 2023Hands-on content creation training to strengthen AI understanding and utilization skills
March 2023Published 『Convergence Education Research 9-1』
March 2023Book 『Finding the Future with Convergence Education』 published
March~June 2023Run a convergence education colloquium for graduate students
March~June 2023Established and courses for prospective teachers
January 2023Run a blended learning colloquium for in-service teachers

Year 2022
November 2022Hosted 2022 International Conference on the Advancement STEAM (ICAS)
September ~ December 2022Develop convergence training programs based on school level
September ~ December 2022Launched "Understanding Convergence Education" course for pre-service teachers
September 2022Publication of 『Convergence Education Research』 Selected for the second phase of the Korea Research Foundation's Humanities and Social Research Program
June ~ December 20222022. Traveling Classroom Support Team Activities
July ~ August 2022Run a blended learning colloquium
May 2022Creative convergence activities for Hwasun High School students
July 2022AI Convergence Teacher Training
January ~ June 2022Run a blended learning colloquium
March 2022 ~ February 2023Department of Education Lead Teacher Initiative
March ~ June 2022Established "Creative Character Education" and "Convergence Education Teaching Methods" courses for prospective teachers
March 2022Published 『Convergence Education Research』
January ~ February 2022A study to confirm the effectiveness of teaching convergence education pedagogy related to centeredness theory

Year 2021
December 20212021 The 6th Convergence Education Celebration
December 2021Participated in the 2021 Chungbuk Innovation Education Hanmadang Panel Discussion (Director Seoung-Hye Paik)
November 2021MOU with Jeju University Marine Sports Center
November 2021 ~Career Exploration Classroom Support Team Activities
October 2021Sponsored and attended the Teacher Professional Development Forum for Future Education (Director Seoung-Hye Paik)
October 2021Hosted 2021 International Autumn Conference on the Advancement STEAM (ICAS)
September ~ December 2021, , , and courses for pre-service teachers
September ~ November 20212021 Second Semester Convergence Education Colloquium
September 2021Translation of the paper 『Convergence Education Research』 into English
July 2021 ~Blended Mentoring Activities
July 2021 ~Experimental Teaching Corps Activities
May 2021Hosted 2021 International Spring Conference on the Advancement STEAM (ICAS)
May 2021Special Lecture on Understanding Quantum Mechanics (by Director Seoung-Hye Paik) - Cheongju Ju Sung High School
May 2021Paper 『Convergence Education Research』 selected for the Korea Research Foundation Online Article Submission System (JAMS)
April 2021Convergence Research Achievement Presentation and HubCon Conference
April 20212021 Korea Secondary Head Teachers Association Executive & City Presidency Workshop
March ~ June 2021Established and courses for pre-service teachers
February 2021MOU with Chungbuk Educational Power Plant
January 2021 ~Second semester Teaching Corps activities

Year 2020
November-20The 5th Convergence Education Festival
November 2020 ~Blended Mentoring Seed Education Volunteer Corps Activities
October-20Published Convergence Education Program Book I-II
October ~ December 2020Joint research between innovation school and training institution (Ulsan Sangbuk Middle School)
October-202020 International Society for the Development of Convergence Education Autumn Conference held
September ~ December 2020Opened , , and courses for pre-service teachers
September-20Published Convergence Education Research Vol. 6, No. 2
September 2020 ~ January 20212020 2nd semester visiting classroom support group activities
August-20Special Lecture on Understanding Convergence Science (Director Paik, Baek, Hye) - Cheongju Joosung High School
August-20Summer vacation visiting class support group activities
July-20Special Lecture on Understanding Convergence Education Techniques - Korea Polytechnic University
July-20Mentor workshop for summer vacation visiting class support group
Jun-20Submitted a paper to the Korean Society for Cultural Convergence's academic research journal (Hyunsik Joo, Baekhye Paik, Yoonseon Oh)
Jun-20Inha University Institute of Education, Academic Research Journal snow article published (Yoon Changho, Baek Sung Hye, Kim Sung Chun)
Jun-20Held the International Society for the Advancement of Convergence Education (ISAS) Spring Conference (ICAS)
May ~ July 20202020 1st semester visiting class support group activities
March ~ June 2020Opened a course on for pre-service teachers
March-20Published the academic research journal Vol. 6, No. 1
March-20Signed an MOU with Beautiful Learning
February-20Special lecture on convergence education lesson planning - Chungbuk National University
January-20STEAM teaching method training - Busan National University of Science and Technology

Year 2019
December-19Published the 5th volume of the academic research journal Convergence Education Research
November-19Held the 4th Convergence Education Festival
October-19Convergence education talent (STEAM) manager job training
September ~ December 2019Opened and courses for pre-service teachers
August 2019 ~ January 2020Visiting free school year class support group activities
May-19Signed MOU with EqualKey, Inc.
May-19Special Lecture at Incheon Girls' High School - Invitation to Convergence Education (Director Baek Sung-hye)
May-19MOU with Incheon Women's High School
May-19Signed MOU with SEED, a multi-value sharing education platform
May-19Signed 2nd MOU with Fordyce Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Creativity, a division of Fordyce Land
May-19Signed MOU with Sky Sound Ocarina
May-19Signed MOU with Korea Braille Library of Cheongsong Education and Culture Promotion Association
March ~ June 2019Launched course for pre-service teachers

Year 2018
December-18Published the academic research journal Convergence Education Research, Volume 4, Issue 2
November-18Held the 3rd Convergence Education Festival
October-18Signed MOU with the National Teacher Healing Counseling Center
October-18Convergence Education Experience Learning Program - Incheon Seoin High School
September-181st Character Education Coach Qualification Training
August-181st Character Education Instructor Qualification Training
August ~ December 2018Volunteer for free semester class support group
August-18Teacher training lecture at Busan University of Science and Technology
August-18Convergence Education Research Institute Colloquium - 'Measurement and Representation of the Ultra-Microscopic: Focusing on Marcel Duchamp's Inframince' (Prof. Eunyoung Jung)
August-18Lecture for 1st class regular teacher qualification training, Chungbuk National University
July-182015 Revised Curriculum 'Chemistry Department Educational Guidance' Lecture for Qualified Teacher Training
July-18Published by Baek Sung-hye (Emotion Media)
July-18Special lecture on job training at Daegu Education Research and Information Center - Understanding of convergence education
July-18Convergence Education Experiential Learning Program - Daegu Gyeonghwa Girls' High School
July-18Korean Philosophical Society of Science
July-18Visiting exchange program with Indonesian Deans of Universities
July-18Published Academic Research Journal Vol. 4 No. 1
Jun-18Spring Conference - New Youth Counseling in the 4th Industrial Revolution
May-18Invited lecture - Is there learning in school (Hyunji Jung)
May-18Effective development direction of the free semester system (Chungbuk Education Development Center)
May-18Invited Lecture at Convergence Education Institute - 4th Industrial Revolution and STEAM Education (Prof. Zolt Ravikja)
May-18Special Lecture on Indonesia (Prof. Baek Sung-Hye)
April-18Workshop for teachers at Seoin High School, Incheon, Korea
April-18Invited Lecture at Convergence Education Research Center - Life and Career (Lecturer Hoi Kim)
April-18Convergence Education Colloquium - Educational Application of Collective Creativity Research (Prof. Heejin Kim)
April-18General Assembly and Qualification Training of the Korean Youth Counseling Association
April-18Special Lecture on Humanities - Movies Ask, History Answers
March-18Special Lecture
February-18Special Lecture on Direction of Convergence Human Resources Education and Course Evaluation Method - Ji-Joong Myung
February ~ August 2018Free semester convergence education program development and teacher training
February-18Special Lecture on Direction of Convergence Talent Education and Course Evaluation Method - Gyeonghwa Girls' High School
January -18Published free semester program book (16 types in total, for students, teachers, Emotion Media)
January -18Held the Creative Humanity Convergence Education Conference
January -18Signed MOU with local education companies (Samtong Edutainment, Edunarae)

Year 2017
December-17Published the 3rd volume of the academic research journal Convergence Education Research
October-17Operated a field trip to Seoin High School in Incheon, Korea
October-17Held the 2nd Convergence Education Festival
September-17Launched the University Focused Research Center Support Project (6-year plan)
September-17Classroom volunteer activities (14 middle schools)
July-17Held an academic seminar at the institute
July-17Convergence Seed Seminar at the Institute of Convergence Education
Jun-17Held an academic seminar at the Institute
Jun-17Held an academic seminar at the institute
May-17Launching ceremony of the Free Semester System Class Support Group
May-17Held an academic seminar at the institute
April 2017 ~ February 2018Visiting Training (Program Book)
March-17Held an academic seminar at the institute
March-17Operated the pre-service teacher education support project

Year 2016
December-16Published the 2nd volume of the academic research journal
December-16Signed the 1st MOU with Fordyce Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Creativity, part of Fordyce Land
November-16Held the Free Semester System Performance Contest
October-16Held a workshop for head teacher school site advisory consulting group
September-16Held free semester topic selection activity student evaluation workshop
Augusts-16Overseas training in Washington, USA
July-16Held a convergence festival for the free semester system
July-162016 Convergence Class Sharing Festival
Jun-16Held training for the Free Semester Program for topic selection activities
March-16Established Convergence Education Major at Korea Teachers University (General, Education)
March-16Convergence Education Lab opened (3D printing production equipment installed)
January-16Attended the 'Reconstruction of Pedagogy' seminar for convergence education
January-16Held a faculty capacity building workshop for convergence education

Year 2015
December-15Published the first volume of the academic research journal Convergence Education Research
December-15Held the 3rd Academic Seminar
November-15Held the 2nd Academic Seminar
October-151st Academic Seminar held
August-15Established the Convergence Education Research Center

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