About the faculty

Name Major What we studied
Seoung-hey Paik
Major Professor
Department of Chemistry
  • Research Interests
    Interdisciplinary Pedagogy, Modeling Education with Technology
  • Research Achievements
    • "Proposal for a STEAM Education Program for Creativity Exploring the Roofline of a Hanok Using GeoGebra and 4Dframe." Thinking Skills and Creativity, 45. (2022)
    • Guidebook for Pre-service Teachers (for Fostering Convergent Talents Required by Future Society): Life and Career. Green Design. (2022)
    • "Analysis of the Effectiveness of Convergence Education Program for Pre-service Teachers on State Classification of Materials Using Machine Learning." Journal of Convergence Information, 12(5). (2022)
    • "Science Teachers' Perceptions of Modeling-Based Inquiry Activities." Learner-Centered Science Education Research, 21(23). (2021)
    • How to Teach Convergence Education with Technology. Geobooks. (2020)
    • "An Analysis of Domestic Research Trends on Convergence Education of Humanities and Science." Learner-Centered Science Education Research, 20(20). (2020)
    • "Analysis of Domestic Research Trends on Music-Centered Convergence Education." Music Education Engineering, 45. (2020)
Yoonsun Oh Department of Language Education
  • Research Interests
    Using Storytelling in Teaching Research Interests, K-12 Interdisciplinary Education
  • Research Achievements
    • "Teaching Literary Geography with Google Earth - Focusing on Learners' Experience of Places in The Diary of a Witch." Literary Education, 76. (2022)
    • "The Problem of Literature Textbooks from the Perspective of Creative Convergence Education and the Drama 'Daejanggeum' as an Alternative Creative Convergence Education Sanction." Culture and Convergence, 42(6). (2020)
    • "The Direction of Korean Classical Literature Education for Establishing Cultural Identity - Focusing on Literature Textbooks in Korea, China, and the United States." Studies in Korean Language Education, 44. (2019)
    • "The English Translation of The First People Who Saw the Mirror and the Direction of Assimilation." Fairy Tales and Translation, 36. (2018)
    • "An Examination of the Translation Patterns of English Pansori Fairy Tale Picture Books." Korean Language and Literature, 57. (2017)
    • "Status and Challenges of Korean Traditional Fairy Tales Rewritten as English Picture Books." Fairy Tales and Translation, 32. (2016)
    • "An Examination of the Use of Storytelling in Classical Literature Education - Focusing on the Case of Textbook Sanctioned Learning Activities." Cheongram Language and Literature Education, 53. (2015)
Kyung Chul Kim Department of Early Childhood Education
  • Research Interests
    Blended learning methodologies in early childhood education
  • Research Achievements
    • Digitalization in Early Childhood Education. Yang, Seowon. (2023)
    • "Pedagogical implications of remote learning in 2020 as experienced by preschool teachers." Early Childhood Education Research, 42(1). (2022)
    • "A Preliminary Study to Develop a Play Belief Test Tool for Early Childhood Teachers." Journal of Future Early Childhood Education, 29(2). (2022)
    • "A Comparative Analysis of Teachers' and Parents' Assessments of Young Children's Readiness to Learn." The Open Journal of Early Childhood Education, 27(4). (2022)
    • My child's first coding with Scratch Junior. Wired. (2021)
    • "Exploring young children's imaginative narratives using augmented reality (AR)-based educational play content." Children's Media Studies, 20(1). (2021)
    • Storks and Convergence Education. History of Education Science. (2019)
Seongcheon Kim Department of Education Policy
  • Research Interests
    Education policy, village-based curriculum, innovative education, high school credit system, village education community, school autonomy
  • Research Achievements
    • Fact Check, What is the High School Credit System? 맘에드림. (2022)
    • Education Trends 2023. Edutainment. (2022)
    • "Exploring the Changes in the Types and Roles of Educational Professionals after the Min-Seon Superintendency." Korean Teacher Education Research, 39(4). (2022)
    • "Analyzing the Issues and Challenges of the High School Credit System." Education Criticism, 49. (2021)
    • "Resistance Patterns and Overcoming Strategies from the Perspective of School Innovation Leader Teachers." Korean Teacher Education Research, 37(2). (2020)
    • Future Education, How to Make It Happen. Salimter. (2019)
    • School Autonomy, Vol. 1, Vol. 2. Techville Education. (2018)
Younghoon Kim Geography Education Department
  • Research Interests
    Humanities and social sciences Data and tool-based convergence class utilization methods, educational field application methods (e.g., augmented reality, 3D printing, smart contents, teaching and learning related apps, digital data-based learning content development, etc.
  • Research Achievements
    • "Design and application of a map lesson using OSM." Convergence Education Research, 7(1). (2021)
    • "Geographical Implications of Digital Maps and Cartographic Perspectives." (2020)
    • "An Exploratory Study on the Use of 3D Printing for Geography Learning Content." (2020)
    • "A Study on the Development of Instructional Applications for Geography Learning Focusing on the Middle School Social Studies 1 Climate Unit." Convergence Education Research, 6(2). (2020)
    • "A Study of Lessons and Student Activities Utilizing OpenStreetMap: A Case of Middle School Free Semester System." Journal of the Korean Cartographic Society, 20(2). (2020)
    • "A Study on the Types of Geographic Content in Internet Infographic News." Journal of the Korean Regional Geography Society, 25(2). (2019)
    • "A Study on Developing Spatial Information Content for Smart Education." Teacher Education, 31(Special Issue). (2015)
Youngjoon Lee Computer Education Department
  • Research Interests
    SW Education and Computational Thinking Research
  • Research Achievements
    • "Development of an AI Literacy Screening Tool for Middle School Students." Journal of the Korean Computer Education Association, 27(3). (2022)
    • "Effects of Convergence Education Utilizing Machine Learning Education Platform on Pre-service Teachers' AI Teaching Effectiveness." Journal of the Korean Digital Contents Society, 23(4). (2022)
    • "Effects of Science, Mathematics, and Informatics Convergence Education on Creative Problem-Solving." International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, 12(4). (2022)
    • "Developing Students' Attitudes toward Convergence and Creative Problem Solving through Multidisciplinary Education in Korea." MDPI, 14(16). (2022)
    • Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence. Seamas. (2021)
    • Science Coding. 교학사. (2021)
    • "Effects of a science-math-information convergence education program on middle school students' computational thinking skills." Journal of the Korean Computer Education Association, 24(3). (2021)
Eunyoung Jung Department of Art Education
  • Research Interests
    Arts-based interdisciplinary education, aesthetic interdisciplinary education, interdisciplinary education centered on artificial intelligence and cultural issues, science-art interdisciplinary and contemporary art
  • Research Achievements
    • "Proposal for a STEAM Education Program for Creativity Exploring the Roofline of a Hanok Using GeoGebra and 4Dframe." Thinking Skills and Creativity, 45. (2022)
    • "Implementation and Analysis of New Media Art Education Using Augmented Reality Technology with a Focus on High School Social Participation Art Class." Korean Society for Science and Art Convergence, 40(2). (2022)
    • "Foundation and Practice: Reflections on Nicola Burio's X-Form." Art Theory and Practice, 31. (2021)
    • "Marcel Duchamp's Bridal Desire Machine or Hyperspace." Proceedings of the Society for the History of Western Art, 53. (2020)
    • "Development and Application of a Secondary Teacher Training Program to Enhance Maker Education Competency." Learner-Centered Teaching and Learning Research, 20(13). (2020)
    • "Theoretical Foundations and Practical Directions of Technology Convergence Art Education." Korean Society for Science and Art Convergence, 37(5). (2019)
    • "Exploring Jungian Theory to Expand the Definitional Domain of Art Education." 미술교육논총, 33(1). (2019)
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Graduate School Administration General Graduate School 043-230-3799
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