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Organization Chart

Organization chart


Planning / Operations Department

  • Overall planning and operation of the institute
  • Policy research and project contract
  • Forum and journal publishing on convergence education
  • Established on-off line support system to improve practical training of convergence education

Research / Development Department

  • Conceptualization and theory development of convergence education
  • Development of convergence education program
  • Competitive exhibition for outstanding pre-service teachers' convergence education
  • In-service teacher coaching and mentoring system

Training / Project Department

  • Development and refinement of practice model for improving
    the professionalism of pre-service teachers
  • Development of pre-service teacher education program
    for convergence education
  • Educational programs to improve the professionalism of pre-service
    teachers' convergence education - Support of overall operation of the institute




  • 국제융합교육발전학회
  • 씨드
  • 4D프레임
  • 하늘소리오카리나
  • 전국교사힐링상담센터
  • 깨봉수학
  • 청송교육문화진흥회
  • 한국인문사회연구소 협의회